Acustica Applicata

DaaD MKII (Diffusion Absorption Acoustic Devices)

577x470 AA daad2
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maksymalna średnica 22cm
wysokość 110cm
do rezonansów powyżej 120Hz, wczesne odbicia boczne i tylne


maksymalna średnica 28cm
wysokość 110cm
do rezonansów powyżej 70Hz, wszystkie wczesne odbicia


maksymalna średnica 39cm
wysokość 110cm
do rezonansów powyżej 50Hz, wczesne odbicia przednie

HiFi Cover 09 2013
5 9 2013 / recenzja

Test Acustica Applicata DaaD System w Hi-Fi+

The Italian company makes elegant treatment towers in broadly Tuscan order (DaaD), as well as wall and ceiling hanging pads (Eco DaaD) to treat first reflections, and some pretty gnarly looking large clear plastic Helmholtz resonators (Polifemo and Phemo). There’s also a DaaD that sits between the floor mounted and wall-mounted models called the Studio DaaD, but the idea of wheeling in things sitting on a tripod into the listening room might push the domestically acceptable envelope Alan Sircom

Stereo Times small logo3
5 4 2007 / recenzja

Test ustrojów akustycznych DAAD w Stereo Times

The DAADs are great tools for the fine tuning of a system. Much unlike what happens when you change electronics these products really make the sound better, not just different. Be humble enough to let the experts (in this case from Acoustica Applicta) help you make your system sound better. I feel I have squeezed out what I can from my system as it is now, and that is a good feeling. These products are highly addictive. Consider yourself warned! Jan Petter Egidius



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