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M500 Mono Superior performance. Amplified.

577x470 M500 mono2
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Static Power Consumption

150 Watts On
Standby power less than 2 watts

Operating Voltage Range 100V or 105-130V/210-260V configured at the factory.
Fuse 1/4"x1-1/4" 15A 250V Slow Blow
Input 1x XLR Input
Output 2x Binding post set per channel

Gain switch
Input Impedance Switch
On/Off Button
Standby button
Display Dimmer
12V Mode Switch
2x MSB 12V trigger port

Continuous Power Output (8Ω) < 1% distortion 500 W
Continuous Power Output (4Ω) < 1% distortion 1000 W
Frequency Response (20 to 20kHz) ±0.025dB
Signal to Noise (20 to 22kHz) >134dB (>137dBA)
Equivalent Input Noise (22kHz BW) 0.5μV
Low Gain (75Ω input) 14.8dB
Medium Gain (75Ω input) 20.8dB
High Gain (75Ω input) 26.8dB
Input Impedance (User Selectable) 75Ω / 300Ω / 1.2kΩ
Dimensions (WxDxH) (381 mm) x (590 mm) x (267 mm)


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