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Przewód: OFE 8 gauge, geometria VTX™
Wtyki:  C15, C19
Wtyczki:  US, EU, AU, UK, Swiss.
Materiał:  OFE Alloy 101 l/ C10100 

Filtry klasy medycznej CCI™


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O firmie: Filozofia, Ludzie, Produkty

7SKoawWz 400x405
19 10 2017 / recenzja

Shunyata Research Hydra Triton v3 Power Distributor and Sigma NR / Alpha NR Power Cables

The Triton v3 is a product unlike anything Shunyata Research has previously offered in its 20-year history of producing power distributors. The degree of enhancement that the Triton v3 performed for my system was one of the largest sonic improvements I can remember over the last several years. For those of you that have the older versions of the Triton, I highly recommend that you upgrade your unit. The new technologies that Shunyata has added to the Triton v3 will more than meet your sonic expectations. The new NR AC cables were also very impressive easily improving upon the previous Σ SIGMA AC Cable line. When combined with the Triton v3, a formidable power conditioning system is created that will assuredly enhance the listening experience for the dedicated audiophile. Steven Plaskin