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Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart, and the audio is designed to bring music from art palace to our daily life by means of reproduction of original sound. The KECES, founded in 2002, has been striving to remove the
ambient noise from audio, and to make you enjoy the pure and crystal-clear sound quality, just like live performance.  We hope the KECES audio, through its exquisite tunes and moving rhythm, can feast your ears, relax your mind, and soothe your soul.

KECES stands for our ultimate achievement in our pursuit of perfection. Over a decade, KECES tirelessly innovates the most cutting-edge technology; has crucial know-how to produce key components to ensure the superb quality of product.

In our philosophy, KECES not only strives for excellent acoustics, but also elegant design.

We hope the KECES  product is not only an audio equipment pleasing to your ears, but also an artwork for your living space. Our vision is to continually develop a full product line of audio equipment that will meet the needs and taste of audiophiles nowadays.  In addition, we will make the high end Hi-Fi KECES audio as accessible as possible to every audiophile at a reasonable and affordable price, as we want the Hi-Fi music to be an art enjoyable and friendly at the same time.

Life is a journey to be explored and experienced, and we hope the music always accompany you on your journey.

25 Jan 2013 / recenzja

Keces Audio DC-116 Regulated Power Supply

I am highly impressed with this Taiwanese built external power supply. It runs super quiet, powers up to two components simultaneously, is voltage selectable, and is built to a very high standard. KECES makes a variety of other interesting components that I may get a chance to review. The KECES DC-116 is a classy upgrade for power starved budget systems.

Andre Marc

okladka mono and stereo
15 Oct 2017 / recenzja

Keces Audio BP-2400 2400VA Balances Isolation Power Concditioner

Toroidal transformers are also acoustically quieter than EI transformers. In addition the windings tightly envelope the entire core, effectively reducing magnetostriction – the main source of the familiar mechanical hum found in standard vertically laminated EI transformers. Compared to EI transformers, toroidal are silent. That is why the toroidal transformer is suitable use in sensitive equipment.

headfonia cover
20 Mar 2018 / recenzja

Keces Audio BP-1200

I am as skeptical as anyone when it comes to products with miraculous claims made about them. In the audiophile world, nary is there a forum page where someone doesn’t have a bridge to sell. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the BP-1200. But it did exactly what I hoped it would do. Now, when I have the opportunity to fire up my system during the day, I can rest easy knowing I have the same great sound quality that I have at night.


headfonia cover2
24 Nov 2017 / recenzja

Keces Audio S3 DAC/Amp

It sounds great, compares extremely well to my reference units, has all the features I could use and it does this all in one unit. I can be a slob, and my desk tends to become cluttered really fast. That I can cut down on the cables and components without sacrificing sound quality in the least, is really exciting for me.


AudioFi cover
20 Feb 2018 / recenzja

Keces Audio S125 power amp

For a company previously limiting its operations to building and selling power supplies, this first power amp offering by a new name in the hi-fi market deserves a standing ovation. Bravo!

Bal Kaulsay

cover Sound Perfection
15 Oct 2017 / recenzja

Keces Audio S3

The S3 is an easy recommendation if you are looking for an all in one desktop solution. It really does nothing wrong, it sounds superb whatever you use it for. The Keces S3 keeps me wanting to listen to more music, and at the end of the day that’s what it is all about.



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