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577x470 FEQ 1
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15 6 2014 / recenzja

Recenzja ustrojów Synergistic HFT i generatora FEQ w

The HFT/FEQ system has very real and audible benefits that, in my experience, are both powerful and cost effective when you compare them to many other acoustic devices and room treatments on the market. From what I have heard in talking to others who own or have tried them, most have been very pleased to downright ecstatic. Synergistic Research offers a 30-day home trial so you have nothing to lose by trying them. Steve Marsh

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15 6 2014 / recenzja

Test przetworników akustycznych Synergistic Research HFT, FEQ oraz XOT w SoundStage Ultra

Synergistic Research’s HFT, FEQ, and XOT work, but their effects were not on the usual scale of audiophile tweaks; e.g., “I definitely heard a difference.” In fact, relegating these products to the category of “tweak” would be a mistake. They fundamentally improved the sound of my system. I suggest that you rush to a Synergistic dealer to give these remarkable products a listen. I doubt you’ll go home empty-handed. Howard Kneller