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Sasha DAW

2018 High fidelity Best Sound AVS2
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577x470 Sasha DAW
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Rodzaje obudów:

Obudowa modułu górnego: Wentylowana z tyłu, materiały X i S
Obudowa modułu dolnego: Wentylowana z tyłu, materiał X


Niskotonowe: dwa głośniki 8 cali [20.32cm]
Średniotonowy: jeden głośnik 7 cali [17,78cm]
Wysokotonowy: jeden głośnik1 cal [2,54cm]


Skuteczność:91 dB (1 watt / 1m dla 1kHz)
Impedancja nominalna: 4 ohmy / minimalna 2.48 ohma przy 85 Hz
Minimalna moc wzmacniacza: 25 watt na kanał
Pasmo przenoszenia: 20 Hz –30 kHz +/- 3 dB - RAR [Room Average Response]


Wysokość: 113.67 cm
Szerokość: 36.83 cm
Głębokość: 58.26 cm

Waga całkowita:

Waga jednego głośnika: 107.05 kg
Waga zestawu transportowego (około): 322.05 kg

sashaDaw 201906
5 6 2019 / recenzja

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW

All kinds of music were handled with confidence, very much the mark of well-judged neutrality, and what’s more the stereo images are wide, deep and well focused. (...) It was an easy shoe-in to place it in the top HIFICRITIC Audio Excellence categor Martin Colloms

hi finews
10 5 2019 / recenzja

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW Loudspeaker

Daryl Wilson has honoured his father with what is surely the definitive Sasha, since this DAW version benefits from all that was learned in the Alexia S2. With love and respect, he went the extra mile and made them as transparent as an evanescent soul, though they require care with ancillaries and cables. Set them up well, and they'll become 'the dream the dreamers dreamed'. Dave's heritage is in good hands. José Victor Henriques, Keith Howard

SoundStage australia 400w
1 3 2019 / recenzja

Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha DAW Loudspeakers

Sasha DAW features the best, most inert enclosure, optimised for the lowest possible distortion allowing the full scope of the superb flagship WAMM drivers; from the tweeters’ most airy and delicate highs, to the superb resolution through the mids and down to the power and staggering punch of the lows. Edgar Kramer

cover PTA6
11 11 2018 / recenzja

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW

It not only looks good on paper inheriting numerous components and technology from the Alexia Series-2, Alexx and WAMM speaker, but it delivers a sound that I am sure would bring a smile to David’s face if he was still with us. Mohammed Samji



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