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577x70 TuneTot
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Głośniki Głośnik średniotonowy: 5,75 cala (14,61 cm) -  masa papiernicza
Głośnik wysokotonowy: 1 cal (2,54 cm) -  materiał  jedwabny
Typ obudowy Głośnik niskotonowy: tylny wentylowany
Tweeter: scalony
Czułość:  86 dB @ 1W @ 1m @ 1k
Impedancja nominalna 8 ohm / minimum 6.61 ohm @ 172 Hz
Minimalna moc wzmacniacza 25 wat /kanał
Pasmo przenoszenia 65 Hz – 23 kHz +/- 3 dB [RAR]
Wymiary Wysokość: 14,83 cala (37,67 cm) bez kolców
Szerokość: 8,61 cali (21,87 cm)
Głębokość: 10,19 cala (25,88 cm)
Waga Waga na kanał: 29 funtów (13,15 kg)
Przybliżona waga przesyłki: 70 funtów (31,75 kg)


hifichoice 032019
19 6 2019 / recenzja

Wilson Audio TuneTot

The idea that the TuneTot delivers jaw-dropping sonics regardless of its surroundings is an intoxicating one and for some lucky people represents the start of an astonishing journey into Wilson Audio ownership.

Hi Fi Plus May 2019
28 5 2019 / recenzja

Wilson Audio Tune Tot Stand-Monunt Loudspeakers

The whole package is so beautifully presented and packaged and the engineering solutions, designed specifically to help you extract that last ounce of performance, so comprehensive and clever that they certainly deliver the musical goods. You are going to need some serious partnering equipment too. But the rewards are well worth it. Actually, I am sorry to see them go but they leave behind them the memory of some real fun listening sessions and that is hard to put a price on. Chris Thomas

hi finews3
1 11 2018 / recenzja

Wilson Audio TuneTot loudspeaker

How to shrink down an Yvette, a Sophia, an Alexia into something manageable for the space-shy? One can only imagine how many iterations preceded the final version, but Wilson Audio has succeeded in coming up with a mini-monitor that delivers 90% of the Wilson full range experience from 10% of the volume. If you want a no-compromise speaker smaller than a microwave oven, say hello to the TuneTots. Bravo! Ken Kessler, Keith Howard

09 2018 TAS 287 Cover.png.280x600 q85
12 9 2018 / recenzja

Wilson Audio TuneTot

The TuneTot will undoubtedly become a top loudspeaker choice for the well-heeled music lover who inhabits a small apartment, or perhaps deployed in the living room of that individual’s upscale beach house. But many ’Tots, I suspect, will be purchased by audiophiles who already own larger Wilson loudspeakers and are devoted to the company’s sonic philosophy and superior manufacturing standards. Andrew Quint



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